Add Over 2 Inches To Your Penis Faster Using The Most Advanced Penis Extender Ever!

Phallosan Forte Plus


The Phallosan Plus Results are still yet to be determined as the device has only just hit the market but the potential for penis enlargement is HUGE given it provides even more pulling power than the Phallosan Forte

These Phallosan Forte Before & After pics below prove that the makers have created a product that truly delivers amazing penis enlargement results


Phallosan Plus Reviews
The Phallosan Forte Plus Will Help You Achieve Even Faster Penis Growth

The makers of Phallosan Forte have been in the penis enlargement industry for over 20 years and are the leaders in male enhancement technology. They have recently brought out Phallosan Forte Plus which is is an optional accessory that can be used in combination with Phallosan Forte to help give you even faster results. 

The two devices when used together make a winning team by providing the user with the maximum amount of stretching force needed to achieve permanent penis growth in a safe and comfortable way. 

You can use Phallosan Forte Plus to

  • Increase both the length & girth of your penis permanently. 
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Corrects penile curvature & helps treat Peyronies disease


phallosan plus

Traditional penis extenders use a plastic noose or strap that is placed around the glans of the penis. 

This can be not only extremely painful to subject your penis to for long periods of time but also very dangerous as it can cut off blood circulation. Rather than using a painful noose or strap around the penis Phallosan Plus uses a vacuum, which is comfortable to wear and very safe to use for long periods of time.

Swiss Sana, the makers of Phallosan Plus, have worked with prestigious urologists to create a superior penis extender to anything else available on the market today in terms of effectiveness and comfort.


Once you get your Phallosan Plus+ you need to select the appropriate condom sleeve size. You will find a measuring template that will help you select the correct size for you. Always base your measurement when your penis is in a flaccid state not erect.

Next, attach the vacuum pump to the plastic ball and turn it to face the arrow symbol and then turn it to face the pump symbol.

Take care with the condom sleeve while rolling it up and down. They are fairly durable but they do have a tendency to tear if you are too rough with them. If they do break over time replacements are easy to get from the official Phallosan Forte website.

With the condom sleeve, rod system in place, all that’s left is to pump the pump at the top of the device, and your good to go! You will experience a comfortable stretching sensation as the device applies traction to the penis.


The key difference between Phallosan Forte Vs Phallosan Plus comes down to 2 things discreetness vs the style traction force that is being applied. 

With the Phallosan Forte belt system, you can move around freely unrestricted in your everyday life while you have it on. It will stretch your penis to the left or right depending on your preference.

With Phallosan Plus you will have less freedom of movement as the device is bulkier BUT the traction force pulls the penis harder in a straight direction.

Guys who suffer from penis curvature will get a straighter penis much faster and those who want penis enlargement will get faster gains due to the increase in traction force applied over time.



For Penis Enlargement 

To use Phallosan Plus for Penis enlargement wear the device for 6 hours per day 5 days per week. Continuous use will stimulate the creation of new penis cells for a possible increase of 1.9 inches in length and 1.1 inches in girth.

For Erectile Dysfunction 

To use Phallosan Forte Plus for erectile dysfunction use it for 5 hours a day for 3 days a week to achieve higher blood circulation. This will stimulate your prostate and sexual desire. The spongy tissue inside the penis will be able to hold more blood causing erections to become more frequent and durable.

For Penis Curvature

Penis curvature can be treated using Phallosan Plus & Phallosan forte together. Use the Phallosan Forte for 4 days per week and use the Phallosan Plus for 2 days per week to straighten the curve. The curvature will be completely straightened as new cells implant into the scar tissue of the bent area.


  • An adjustable elastic belt that goes around the waist + a foam rubber ring that goes around the penis and holds it in place while stretching.
  • An adapter piece that is used to connect to the plastic suction bell.
  • 1 x Large-sized suction bell + 1 x Large condom sleeve
  • 1 x Medium sized suction bell + 1 x Medium sized condom sleeve
  • 1 x Small sized suction bell + 1 x Small sized condom sleeve
  • 2 Protector caps to protect the penis glans
  • A tension adaptor with a spring attachment designed to show tension force using a traffic light color system
  • Tension clip with tension spring attachment to adjust the intensity of the tension using a traffic light color code system with adapter for the belt
  • A suction ball with a 3-way valve
  • Full & detailed Instruction guide
  • Penis size template to help to choose your size.
  • Discreet travel carry bag
  • Two-year warranty on all parts (condom sleeves not included)
  • Phallosan Plus+ accessory kit


Phallosan Plus Was $799 Now $699

You need to have a Phallosan Forte device to use the Phallosan Plus as they work together as a team. You can purchase both for $699 with FREE shipping & 4 FREE condom sleeves valued at $100 USD!

If you already have Phallosan Forte and wish to buy Phallosan Plus as an add on it will only cost you $120 with FREE shipping!

Notice that the combo package is $30 cheaper than you buy the two version separately.


When you order either Phallosan Forte or Phallosan Forte Plus, you will receive it in a package that bears no labels or indication as to what might be inside the box.  The same goes for the charge on your credit card statement – it will show up under the company name “Swiss Sana” 

Phallosan Forte Plus




Comfort Factor









  • East to Use
  • Fast Results
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Clinically Proven To Work
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • A Tad Expensive
  • Can Only Order From The Official Website