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How To Use Phallosan Forte

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Phallosan Is $390 USD + FREE Shipping & Handling Try It Today With The 14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

How It Works

Phallsoan Usage
Phallosan Forte uses a vacuum system to provide a secure, comfortable grip that allows you to train and grow your penis all-day or even at night if you choose

The extender uses a belt and vacuum combination system to comfortably stretch the penis away from the body which is not painful at all.

A continuous state of tension is kept on the penis tissue which then over time causes the cells to gently split and then re-grow with new penis tissueThe end result is a permeant increase in both penis length and girth.

The Most Powerful Extender On The Market

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Phallosan Can Provide Up To 3Kgs Of Traction Force To The Penis! - More Than Any Other Extender On The Market

As Featured In The Media

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Phallosan has been featured in a range of scientific journals. It's a device that actually works!

The Secret To Growth Lies In Dividing Cells Through Traction

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Phallosan Plus is an add-on accessory that works with Phallosan Forte. The two make a winning team that will help you permanently add those extra inches to your penis in the shortest possible time.

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Phallosan Forte Is Backed By Clinical Studies

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The effectiveness of Phallosan was tested in a 6 month clinical study performed by Dr. Sohn & the medical staff of the Urological Clinic of the Markus Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Phallosan Forte Six Month Clinical Study Results

As it pulls the penis away from the body, Phallosan Forte creates the gentle breakdown of tissue – which leads to growth. In order to replace the damaged area, the body starts the process of cell replication and new tissue is created. As new tissue grows and the penis is kept in a state of tension, both its length and girth gets permanently increased.

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The Phallosan Forte Gains and results are unlike any other male enhancement device on the market. The test patients who took part in the clinical trial mentioned above reported:

The average size increase of all test patients 1.14 inches when flacid and 1.14 inches when the penis is erect

Phallosan Forte FAQs

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If you ware the device as recommended for 6 hours a day for 6 months you can reasonably expect to gain anywhere from 1 to 2 inches in extra length and girth. These results were the average for those who took part in the Phallosan clinical study.

Yes! The tension is applied evenly across the entire penis resulting in even growth not just in the penis body but the head as well.

Yes, new cellular growth is achieved throughout the entire penis resulting in increased girth or thickness. This was seen in the results of the clinical trial that was conducted in Germany.

Yes, one patient who took part in the clinical trial experienced an 20 degree correction in penile curvature making this device a perfect choice for those who suffer from peyronies disease.

This type 2 medical device is 100% safe to use. There are no known negative side effects. Positive side effects include increased blood circulation to the penis which results in an increase in erection size and duration and ultimately a higher sex drive.

There is no minimum size. Phallosan has been designed to fit any sized penis comfortable whether you are very large or small.

Yes, highly discreet! Your order is express posted with DHL in a plain white box with no indication or labeling as to what’s inside the box so you can buy with confidence knowing nobody but you will know what you’ve purchased.

The people behind the product have an friendly customer support team who you can contact via phone and email if you have any concerns or need any after sales service.

Phallosan Forte Customer Testimonials

Use The Phallosan Forte App To Track Your Progress

There’s an app you can use on your phone that will help you keep track of your enlargement goals. You basically enter your desired gains and the app will tell you how long to wear the device for and give you a way to track your progress.

What’s Inside The Phallosan Forte Package?

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A certificate of authenticity is included so you can be assured you have the genuine article and not some fake product.

When you open the box you will find an instructional DVD and a measuring template to help guide on what sized bell you need to use on the head of your penis. 



Postage & Handling

The manufacturers understand the need for complete secrecy and discression with packaging. Phallosan comes in a discreet large USPS priority mail box. Nothing on the exterior or the labels indicate what the box would contain You can expect speedy delivery from anywhere around the world.

Is Phallosan Forte Safe?

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Yes, It’s 100% safe, Phallosan is a type 2 medical device that is recommended by doctors and urologists as a first choice option for penis enlargement as opposed to surgery.

The device itself is German engineered and certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, this means you can be assured it’s safe to use.

The device has been clinically tested for safety and has been deemed safe to use for male enhancement. Always follow the provided instructions to ensure the device is used as recommended.

The device has been safety checked by the ISO 10993-1:2018 report which looks at the long-term usage and safety of type 2 medical devices with the human body.

It’s worth noting when you first start out using Phallosan it’s best to use the silicone protector cap on the end of your penis to minimize any redness. After about a weeks’ worth of use, you can go ahead and use the device without the protector cap.   

Key Things To Consider Before You Buy

Where to Buy Phallosan Forte? The only place where you can buy it is from the Official Website. It’s not available to buy on ebay or amazon. The Phallosan Forte Price Is $390 USD + FREE SHIPPING.

You can buy it in some selected pharmacies however you’re much better off buying Phallosan Forte from the official site in the interests of digression.

Beware of cheap imitation products made in china that are out there that are made of faulty materials and can be dangerous to your health.

You have the opportunity to try Phallosan Forte risk free for a period of 14 days from the date of delivery. If you decide it’s not for you simply post the item back and you will receive a refund no questions asked.

After sales service is also top notch and their customer support team are always happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Why You Should Try Phallosan

Comfortable enough to wear at home or at work.

– Backed by clinical studies and the gains are your’s forever

– Wear it to train your penis while you sleep.

– Walk and move about freely with the device on unlike other extenders.

– People will not see it underneath your clothes

– Fast and discreet postage

Review Summary

Phallosan Forte is one of the few male enhancement products that actually delivers on its promises, it’s been clinically proven to help men from all walks of life increase both the length and girth of their penis.

The gains mentioned in this article take up to 6 months of wear time to achieve however the gains are permanent and yours forever.

The clinical study is there to back up all the claims.

Stretching does work but it takes time. The result’s don’t happen over night, you will need to commit to the using it regularly for at least a couple of months to see visible results. There are other positive side effects besides penis growth that come with use including stronger erection strength and improved ability to maintain erections.

2 weeks is enough time for you to give it a decent test run and to see if your going to be comfortable wearing it in the long term.

In case you feel like It’s not for you, you can simply send it back and get a refund.

We whole heartedly recommend you give Phallosan a try!





Comfort Factor









  • Comfortable enough to wear at home or at work.
  • Really works and the gains are yours forever
  • Wear it to train your penis while you sleep
  • Walk and move about freely with the device on unlike other extenders
  • People will not see it underneath your clothes


  • You can only buy it from the official website
  • 14-days risk free money back guarantee – should be longer
  • Bit expensive at $339 USD but the device is quality and will last for years.
  • Condom sleeves need replacing every 6 months or so