Phallosan Forte Has Been Clinically Proven To Increase Penis Size

Phallosan has been the subject of a clinical study and proven to grow your penis.

A clinical study was performed on Phallosan after its initial launch in 1999 to determine how effective it was for penis enlargement. A 6 month clinical study was performed by Dr. Sohn & the medical staff of the Urological Clinic of the Markus Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Participants Used Phallosan Forte to Improve Their Sex Lives

The participant’s length and girth measurements were taken by a qualified urologist in front of witnesses to ensure there was no bias in the results. The study also took in to account the patients sexual sensitivity, ejaculation frequency, and behaviour

Patient Clinical Trial Results Summary

Phallosan Forte Extender Results3 Months Of Use 6 Months Of Use
Flaccid Penis Size Gains1.3 Inches (3.5cm)1.93 Inches (4.9cm)
Erect Penis Size Gains1.5 Inches (3.8cm)1.89 Inches (4.8cm)
Penis Thickness Size Gains0.55 Inches (1.4cm)0.98 Inches (2.5cm)

Source: Clinical study PHALLOSAN FORTE
Author: Dr. Clemens Tilke

These gains are all permenant and yours forever. If you decide to wear the PHALLOSAN forte for a period greater than than 6 months you will see even greater gains than shown here.

It all depends on your level of commitment and dedication your willing to put in. The effort required is very minimal and the results are impressive to say the least!

The Phallosan Results Showed ALL Patients Experienced Penis Growth

24 patients took part in the Phallosan Forte Review study wearing the Phallosan comfortably between 2 to 10 hours per day (on average 6 hours), at the end of 6 months some patients reported the following:

  • EVERY patient showed significant gains in both length and thickness
  • Girth increases of up to 1.25 Inches within in 6 months
  • Length increases of 1.9 inches in 6 months
  • All patients reported higher levels of sensitivity and stronger erections
  • Patients who had a history of prostate surgery or diabetes reported improved pleasure and erection quality (without the need for Viagra or Cialis)
  • One patient saw a reduction in penis curvature from 60 degrees down to 40 degrees within a 3 month period.

The Majority of Patients Reported A Massive Boost in Erection Strength & Overall Sexual Stamina

The author of the clinical study Dr. Tilke, PhD said that “Half of the patients found their erections were improved after 6 months compared to the beginning of the study.” Other Phallosan results included:

  • Majority of users said their erections were harder and had less instances of premature ejaculation.
  • Diabetic patients reported improved erection quality and a boost in sexual pleasure
  • Participants in the trial who had prostate surgery previously said they no longer needed to use Viagra to achieve and keep an erection.

Phallosan Boasts A 90% User Satisfaction Rate

Dr Clemens Tilke (PhD) who conducted the clinical trial reported that “Over 90% of participants were completely satisfied with Phallosan Forte after using it for six months” –

The participants in the study highlighted how comfortable it was to wear and how discreet it was, which is an important factor to consider when the average wear time for those that took part in the study was around 6 hours a day

One user even reported that he wore the device without any troubles at night while sleeping, socialising with friends or even doing everyday chores around the house. He also mentioned that it didn’t stop blood flow while sleeping and was not painful in any way. There were also no pain issues when getting an erection at night.   

Another participant in the clinical trial reported gains in penis length and girth by over 1.5 inches respectively within a 6 month window. Sex drive was dramatically increased and erection strength was vastly improved.

Incredible Website Testimonials

Check out some of these real testimonials from the official Phallosan Forte website that illustrates just how great this extender is at producing real gains in penis size. Phallosan has thousands of positive customer testimonials that further back its claims as the best and most comfortable penis extender ever developed.